Reliable, trustworthy home inspections in the greater Seattle area.


Full Home Inspections

Full Home Inspections include a detailed comprehensive report with pictures indicating areas of concern. The report is available in HTML or downloadable PDF formats. We follow the WA State Standards of Practice for home inspectors which involves a thorough inspection of crawlspaces, rooftops, kitchen appliances, HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing and more. The average home takes approximately 1hr for every 1,000 sq ft of living space plus an additional 30 minutes to discuss where concerns were noted and answer any questions. A written report will be available within 24 hours. Full inspections are best for home buyers or sellers looking to obtain a detailed and well documented report on the condition of a home.


Pre-inspections, or ‘Pre-offer Consultations’, focus on explaining the general condition of a home and identifying major concerns. Pre-inspections are perfect for home buyers competing with multiple offers, or buyers simply interested in understanding the general condition of a home before becoming involved in the purchasing process. Please note that pre-inspections are only available for homes that are not under contract. If mutual acceptance of an offer exists, a Full Home Inspection must be completed.


*Townhome inspections cover only those exterior components that pertain to the unit being inspected.

*Condominium inspections cover unit interior systems only, unless otherwise specified by the client or inspector.


Standard Inspection (Includes Written Report)


Up to Sq Ft Price
2,500 $485.00
3,000 $540.00
3,500 $595.00
4,000 $650.00
4,500 $720.00
5,000 $820.00
5,500 $920.00
6,000 Text or Call


Up to Sq Ft Price
1,500 $355.00
2,500 $460.00
3,000 $495.00

Pre-Inspection (Verbal Consultation)

Up to Sq Ft Price
3,000 $325.00
4,500 $350.00

Additional Fees (If Applicable)


Unit Price
ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) $100.00
Duplex $110.00
Triplex $220.00
Fourplex $330.00

Extended Travel

Destination Price
20+ miles from West Seattle $50.00
Ferry (Island and Kitsap Counties) $150.00

Cancellation Fees

Time Amount
Within 36 Hrs $100.00
Within 24 Hrs Full fee
About Us

HighPoint Home Inspections, LLC is a licensed and insured home inspection company using some of the best equipment on the market. With each inspection you will receive a full written report (PDF or HTML) within 24 hrs of services performed. As members of InterNACHI, we are Certified Professional Inspectors in good standing, constantly enhancing our knowledge by taking additional courses and learning new technologies and techniques.

HighPoint Home Inspections employs the latest in state-of-the-art technology and safety protocols:

Complies with standards set by WA state as well as the Center for Disease Control.

Certified through NACHI to apply the latest standards in Infrared technology.

Smart software that allows us to write detailed inspection reports that are available in both HTML and PDF. Each generated report is individually numbered stored in the 'cloud' for easy retrieval.

Every inspection we use Flir Infrared Thermal Imaging to identify potential issues unseen to the naked eye. This could be costly air leaks, missing insulation, water leaks, electrical hot spots and other potentially serious defects.

Inspections comply to state requirements and the standards outlined by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. InterNACHI requirements and resources ensure that certified inspectors are familiar with the up to date advancements in home construction and components.